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Feldenkrais Advanced Training mit François Combeau in Zürich (Englisch)

2.2. - 5.2.2024 • Brigitte Heusser
Thema: “A mobile Head, an alive, expressive, relaxed Face, and more functional freedom for facial and mouth organs …” By finding true verticality, human beings have considerably developed their field of observation and action. The new balance of the head and its great freedom of movement have allowed a considerable development of the sensory functions and numerous mobilities of the face and the organs of the mouth which allow it a rich palette of expression. We will continue to develop the fluidity and efficiency of head movements in all directions of space, allowing it to fully assume its role as a veritable periscope listening to the world. Through the face, the human being enters into a relationship with the surrounding world. He receives (through the senses) and gives, he expresses himself. The facial expressions constitute a real affective commentary on the discourse, when they are not language themselves. They reveal the inner being or express the authentic reaction to an emotional situation. We will rediscover the fluidity of the different movements of the face, ridding it of the grins and masks of habits linked to our history, of the deformations of a sometimes laborious articulation… so that it can express the subtle play of our emotions, to become the mirror of our deep dynamisms and the instrument of an authentic dialogue. All the tensions or limitations experienced in the face are projected onto the cervical spine, stiffening the neck and the carriage of the head. Mehr Informationen zu François Combeau: https://www.feldenkrais-heusser.ch/francois-combeau/ Mehr Informationnen & Anmeldung zum Advanced Training: https://www.feldenkrais-heusser.ch/francois-combeau/combeau-feb-2024/